About Us

Opera Foundry is a Surrey based Opera Company that develops the talents of individual opera performers through focussed coaching and performance opportunities.  We provide individual opera singers, repetiteurs and other industry creatives the opportunity to develop their skills within the realm of opera and provide them with performance opportunities to present their work and hone their performance technique.

For our audiences, we showcase our singers through themed concerts.  The performances are high quality and simply portrayed, making it about the music.  By removing the stuffy image often associated with opera, our performances can be enjoyed by both seasoned opera lovers and new audiences alike.  In addition to an enjoyable evening, by attending our performances audience members are supporting the next generation of opera talent, and may even be getting a sneak preview of the next superstars!

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How We Do It:

aboutus-image2We do this by:

  • Working with seasoned industry professionals such as vocal coaches, acting coaches etc
  • Accepting talented singers from traditional music college backgrounds, but also those who have taken alternate training routes into opera.
  •  Accepting returning professionals who have taken a career break, adding to the age range and experience interchange for the singers
  • We dispense of elaborate costumes and wigs to make our opera streamlined, contemporary and relevant, showing the audiences that opera is neither stuffy, elitist nor old-fashioned.
  • Appealing to a contemporary audience by removing the barriers often associated with opera – our performances are modern, thought-provoking and passionate.
  • Carefully selecting small to medium sized venues to make the setting more intimate – what we like to call ‘up-close opera.’
  • Making opera affordable for both our audience and our singers
  • Putting on opera productions and themed concerts
  • Letting the music speak for itself without sacrificing vocal qualities.